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Slot machines can be found in all online casinos, whether they are land-based or online casinos. It is one of the most prolific games that come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, each of which invites exciting play and stressful action.

While they are all different, they have a lot in common and they are all based on the same set of rules and topics that govern how they work and how they are paid utilitarianly.

Terms used to describe slot machines

Here we take a look at some of the terms used to describe เว็บสล็อต machines and the features they offer to the average slot machine player. Often times, the terminology drives players away from participation, but the game is really simple, and if you try multiple cars, you’ll find that they are all basically the same.


The number of reels is the number of different sections of the game that spin or move after the Start button has been pressed. Each reel has a set of images displayed on them, and when the reels stop, the displayed image combinations indicate whether the spin was successful, winning, or not. Most slot machines offer 3 to 9 different reels, of which 3 or 5 are the most common.


The number of pay lines. Paylines are imaginary lines that cross the reels from one side to the other, either in a straight line or on another specified route. The larger machines, offering up to 20 pay lines, have different tracks running down the reels, and if the correct images are following the track, again this will represent a pay line. You can choose one or more pay lines.


The tempo jackpot speaks for itself. The jackpot is the best combination of symbols on the paylines, of which the highest amount is paid. Jackpot amounts are often only paid out when all paylines have been played.

Another jackpot you will come across is the progressive jackpot. Games that offer progressive games deposit a certain amount of money for each spin in the money bank. When the jackpot falls, the entire bank accumulated up to that point is paid.

Free spins

Free spins are another slot machine feature that is easy to explain. When a certain event occurs or the correct combination of images is displayed on the paylines, the free spins feature is activated. This allows the player to play multiple free spins that cost nothing and the winnings are paid to the player without having to add money to the machine.

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