Cockfighting gambling cases in India

Cockfighting gambling cases in India


Cockfighting is a traditional and ancient game in the world. Research has recorded that it was played for the amusement in many civilizations like Indus valley civilization, Chinese civilization and many more. Lateron, this game got popularity and in today’s era, most of the cockfighting game is being played for betting and gambling. this game is popular in Philippines, Indonesia, Bangkok and many eastern parts of the world. With the evaluations of internet technology, there are several platforms like stabbing ayams145, AduAyam s144, pot limit Omaha etc, which offers online streaming of the cockpit on one click. In the article, we are going to discuss the Indian view over cockfighting.

Value of cockfighting

Most of the southern part of India feels a traditional and cultural attachment about cockfighting. Cockfighting is there since thousand of the thousand years ago which was a part of amusement.In Tamilnadu, cockfighting is known as vetrukkalseveralpoor. It is the one of the favorite game of the people in most of the part of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The old literature also states the game of cockfight and its best example is shown in Mangum literature and the literature belongs to the Chola dynasty. Gradually, the cockfighting became a proper gambling sport and nowadays the cockfighting is only known for its gambling opportunity. Hence the government had to take some step to save these innocent birds. So, later on, we are going to analyzing the case and law which refers to cockfighting in India.

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Cockfighting is illegal in India

Honorable Supreme Court has announced to stop fighting among animal whether it is chicken, dog or bull. Since we know that the fighting among animal as per gambling purpose was prevalent in India. In order to abet animal abuse case fired by AWBI, SC of India has strictly banned the fighting among animal all over India.According to SC, the AWBI, as well as government, should protect the five freedom of animal. They are free from appetite, freedom of living, freedom from any kind of pain, injury as well as illness, freedom of fear, freedom to have a normal nature. Even PETA has raised the case regarding elephant race held in Jaipur where hundred of the Elephant have to train for the race and put their lives in danger.


Cockfight is in India since so long but in ancient days it was a source of amusement but gradually it became a betting sport. Due to this huge number of animal and bird get hurt or kill during the fight. To stop this brutality on such an innocent animal the Sc and government has taken a struck step

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