All About Virtual Sports In Online Casino

Online casinos are one of the most popular places that real money gamblers are visiting on a regular basis. It can be because they are playing for real money, or maybe they just want to spend a little extra for fun with the hopes that they win. Sports betting is one of the most common options online, but the virtual sport is also becoming more prevalent.

What Is Virtual Sports?

If you visit LVBET casino, they offer virtual sports under their sports betting option. Virtual sports is somewhat unique when compared with other online casino games. When talking about Virtual Sports, you can compare it with real-life sports betting. But this involves a random number draw. This is a fast-paced game and if you are a slots player, this would the perfect game alternative for you to try if you want a little variation.

Virtual Sports, How Does It Work?

Many sports fans like virtual sports because of its speed and accuracy. The game or race will last no longer than a few minutes. The results of the bets are faster too compared to regular betting. A random number draw will decide the results of each race or game. The amount of numbers, on the other hand, represents the team, the player, or the horse which determine the odds. For virtual football, basketball or tennis, each match highlights are shown after a couple of minutes.

Learn How To Bet On Virtual Sports

Learning how to bet is very important. However, betting will depend on the sport that you want to put your money on. As a guide, here’s how to bet on different sports available at LVBET casino:

  • Virtual Football. This sport is not only popular in real-life sports betting, but even with virtual sports. When playing, you have to predict the outcomes of the matches in a tournament. If your prediction is correct, your odds will tell you if how many times did you win. You can bet on the final result, the first goal, and also the half-time.
  • Virtual Basketball. Like football, this virtual version is also based on its real-match environment, and that includes the movements and statistics. You can put your bet on the team that you are expecting to win on a match on the first half, or on a draw in halftime.
  • Virtual Tennis. In virtual tennis, you can place your bets on the upcoming round at any time. Each of the rounds usually lasts for 3.5 minutes. In virtual tennis, there are 3 betting categories – winners, odd/even – over/under, and also correct score.  You bet on a winner of the match; the winners for the first set, or the winner of the first game.
  • Virtual Horse Racing. With horse racing, this is a random number draw game. Still, it looks and feels like a real-life horse race betting. The odds on this game is based on the numbers in the draw that will represent the horse. Remember that the same horse will not be able to finish both the first and the second or third try.

Now that you know the basics of virtual sports betting, do you think you are ready to do it on your own? If you have on real-life sports betting in the past, then remember that in the virtual sports version, it’s somewhat the same.

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