How to register with the fun88 website

Fun88 is one of the popular online casino websites which there in the gambling market for a very long time. The website is reliable and also provides several different varieties of games to play. It would be the best place for all the people who love to gamble on sports and online lotteries. But like all other online casinos, you should register yourself to start playing games with them. The process of registration and ฝาก เงิน fun88 is very easy and simple. Let us see step by step process of registration and depositing money for your benefit.

  • Login to the website and click on the registration now icon. Once you have click on t it will take you to the registration page where you will find their different sections. The first one is about basic information where you need to provide information like your name, nationality, gender, email address, and few other things.
  • The second section is the account security where you need to create a username and password which you will be using to login to that website and the third one is the contact information where you will give your phone number and the currency information like which currency you will be using and so on  ิำะ. Once all the above sections are filled then the registration process is completed.
  • In case you fail to complete the registration process in an above-mentioned way then you can follow another method for registration that is using the backup link. You can need to click on create my account and fill in all the information as mentioned above. After you have filled the forms then you need to click on accept the terms and condition option. Once that is done you are done with registration and ready to move to the next step that is depositing the money to start gambling.
  • Now click on the deposit button and you will get to the deposit page there you will find three options first choose the “ Fast Bhat” option and select the bank where you have the internet banking account. Then you will get into a new age where you need to enter the username and password of the internet banking and submit the form.
  • Go back to the main page of depositing and select the second option and under that select destination bank. Then fill in the transfer details and also attach the transfer slip. Then click on finish the system will here allow you to check the details once again once carefully checked click on submit.


Hope you will be able to complete the registration process without any issues by following the above-motioned steps. Happy gambling!!

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