W88 VIP Club

What You Need to Know About The W88 VIP Club

Introduction to W88 VIP Club

W88 is one of the most comfortable online sports betting and live gambling website available to the gambling lovers. It is being distinguished as the world’s leading gaming site. The VIP W88 Club programme of W88 offers a new perspective with a lot of exclusive privileges and benefits. It provides the best online gaming experience to its members. They aim to deliver the ultimate VIP gaming programme experience to the world. It offers world’s best level of service with a lot of professionalism and personalization. The most valuable members of the fundamentals of the VIP team. At VIP W88 offers the best interactive VIP gaming, discussion and delivers the best of players satisfaction. It creates an environment and opportunity for many benefits and a great entertainment. It provides ‘beyond customer experience’. If one wishes to be a member of the W88 VIP club, assess your eligibility and experience a whole new benefits as a VIP special treatment. After you register, place first bets, actively play, you will be invited by the system management on a regular basis to join the VIP W88 program. There is no monthly or annual fee to be a member of the VIP Club.

What are the Levels at W88 VIP Club 

There are basically exclusive four levels at VIP W88 namely blue, gold, platinum and diamond. One can enter into the VIP blue by system invitation based on an account activeness with a minimum of three successful deposits. Once can move from a blue to a gold level with a minimum turnover or a stake of MYR 2,50,000 within thirty days of being blue. From VIP gold invitation, one can go to be a member of VIP platinum with a minimum of MYR 3,000,000 within thirty days of being a gold VIP. To maintain a platinum VIP membership or level, a minimum turnover or stake of MYR 5,00,000 every ninety days on certain terms and conditions. One can get into a diamond VIP level with a VIP W88 private invitation. The validity of the VIP program is for a lifetime till you acquire each status.

W88 VIP Club

What are the Benefits As A VIP 

  • As a member of the W88, one has an opportunity to upgrade by the VIP club program to next level such as blue, gold, platinum and diamond.
  • There is an exclusive deposit and withdrawal to its members.
  • You will have a dedicated Just for you service account 24×7.
  • VIP levels has access to reward points eligibility, special redemption categories, Activities and discount treatments access.
  • Platinum and Diamond VIP members applicable for VIP birthday gifts.
  • Promotional activities for VIP is available.
  • VIP club welcome bonus and promotions are available.
  • An exclusive VIP tours, concerts, theatres, cruise and holiday arrangements are given on invitation.

Rewards for VIP Levels 

Leading gadgets, many free bets, online deals, lifestyle gifts, sports merchandise gifts and luxury branded lifestyle gifts are some of the popular rewards for the VIP level members. You can login to the W88 website and you can enjoy the benefits of additional rewards category for the VIP members.

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