Simple card counting techniques for new gamblers

If you are playing blackjack on the mega888 website, then you should be having some basic strategy to follow. By following simple strategy and rules you can reduce the edge of the house against you to almost half percent. If you are an advantage gambler then blackjack is one of the best games for you in the casino. You can beat the house and improve your odds using these simple card-counting ways.

How does card counting work?

Take stock of the cards that are exposed on the table for each hand, and for the dealer and all the players as well. Count the number of high cards i.e. ten-point cards and the cards that are low i.e. between the worth of two to five. The counting process is quite simple. If the deck is having more high-value cards, then the player is at an advantage. This happens when more low cards are being exposed. If there are more than 6 high-value cards on the table that are exposed, then the game is less favorable.

The hi-lo system of intermediate counting:

This is the simplest way to count cards traditionally. You can learn it easily and it is quite effective too. All blackjack contains a finite quantity of cards. Game rounds are dependent on each other, so you can easily guess which cards are left for the next round. This holds true if the casino is not shuffling cards after each hand.

If you come to know about the lowest position of the house edge, then you can increase the value of your bets. The opposite case is also true. This system works on two simple facts. Every time a three, two, five, four, or six gets removed from the game the player is benefitted. Every time when a jack, ten, ace, queen, or king is removed from the game then the house benefits.

To use this strategy, start with the number zero. When the cards that benefit the player are removed then add one to your count. When the cards favoring the house are removed then subtract one from your count. If the end of the total is positive, then you know how many cards in the deck are in your favor and you can place the bet amount accordingly.

There are advanced omega techniques too available for card counting on the mega888 website. But as a beginner, you should try out the simple ones first.

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