Game bonuses in online casino

Online casinos often give bonuses to their members. Not all, of course, but we agree that the best of them do. These bonuses are varied and may be temporary or permanent, inflate your deposits (such as the first deposit bonus) or credit your account with a round amount just to thank you for opening an account (no deposit bonus), or still be free spins at a game. The great commonality between all these bonuses is that they give you all the opportunity to play longer and earn more without you having to pay any extra euro for it.

A better payout rate

The payout rate of virtual casinos is far greater than that offered by online casinos. As a reminder, the payout rate is a percentage that indicates the share of the amounts played in a casino that will be donated to the winners and the higher the rate, the more the players are favored with greater chances of winning.

The payout rate varies according to the games. In France, the law requires land-based casinos to respect a rate of 88% at least on table games and 85% at least on slot machines. Online casinos, for their part, offer rates higher than 98% for slot machines and, in general, the operating licenses issued to them force them to have a redistribution rate of 95% minimum on games. Such a high payback rate is, of course, advantageous for the players and is explained by the fact that the operation of an online gaming site requires fewer charges than a land-based casino (no rent, maintenance of the tables and accessories, etc.). In short, playing online is synonymous with more frequent winnings for players!

A wide variety of casino games

All iconic casino games are available  สล็อตออนไลน์  in one or two clicks: blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, slot machines, etc. They are all there and are even available in several variants.

An online casino is often synonymous with a wide choice of games with a wide variety of themes and you can quickly switch from one game to another. You even have access to rare games like Sic Bo, which has just been licensed in French land-based casinos.

Free games

Very rare in hard casinos, free games are legion in online casinos. Some good casinos offer them even without you having to register.

These free games will be very useful when it comes time to practice a strategy or when you discover a game for the first time and you grope again. As a rule of thumb, free casino games are ideal for mastering a game at your fingertips before tackling real money games. Giving you the chance to play without risking your money is a huge advantage that online casinos offer you.

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