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Sports have a very integral role to play in our society. However, in India, all the exposures are towards Cricket. Make no mistake, Cricket is not an overrated sport, but there are a lot of other UNDERRATED sports like Hockey, Football, Pool, Carrom, Chess, etc. The basic, common and important component in these games is competition and opposition. And let’s be honest, keeping the skillsets aside, there is luck in recreation to some extent that gives the competitor an advantage.

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  • Luck in Recreation, Stock Market &Gambling is a very important component. If we were to integrate Gambling into these recreational activities, we would not only see a phenomenal audience engagement in a particular sport but also the increase in the intensity of the competition. Sports Betting has been prevalent since the beginning of civilization. Sports betting not only are prevalent across the activities across the globe but also ridiculous competitions like camel racing, dog fights, and even dog racing.
  • Not only does Sports Betting through fun55 give the thrill, adrenaline rush and of course some share of the revenue for their performance to the players, but also allow the audience to mint some money out of the chances they are willing to take on the players or the team they are loyal too. Hence, luck in recreation not only applies to players on the field but also the ones that believe in the players/team and are loyal towards them.
  • Unfortunately, and ironically, Sports Betting is looked down upon and often illegal in few regions. However, Sports Betting is infamous for a few very legitimate But through fun55 you can enjoy the Live match and you can also place the bets. Teams and players often tend to underperform or lose for monetary returns. This kills the sanctity of the competition and what the game is all about. The best part about the solution to this problem is that the regulatory bodies DO NOT entertain such deceptions and take stringent actions and decisions against players who cheat on the field, ruining their image in public and reputation. This kills the whole purpose of the concept of luck in recreation and the faith in entities that are engaged in gambling activities.

Online Sports Betting

Some other aspects that you may know

However, the solution to this may be to have regulatory bodies controlling authorized legitimate gambling dens. Involving political parties, on the other hand, would give disastrous results with the corruption we witness. With government involvement, not only could gambling dens be authorized legitimately, but also taxations may be introduced for Charities, NGO’s or other non-profit activities.

The Socio-Cultural aspect may topple upside down. People may very often be an audience to the underrated sports and have their bets bifurcated in various other sports to minimize the risk of the losses if they incur any. Teams may have their marketing strategies, techniques, and booths in the legitimate gambling dens to influence loyal investors to bet for the player that they want to invest their money on for fruitful returns.

Therefore, Betting in today’s liberal environment, if regulated correctly, can be a boon to society.

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