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The Betcris is for the serious sports enthusiasts who are willing to bet their life on the team that strategically according to them is going to win. Now, this platform provides an open space for these people to bet and win their luck. The site has the legal certification of allowing the sport betting. This, in other words, can be called a secondary sports-book that has been improving and challenging the well-established sites that allow sports betting. A noob can always come over and join with these open books to learn the basic fundamental set up of the betting and claiming game.


  • Live betting on television sports: One can bet on the live games via the app of the secondary sport-book. The games like football, hockey, cricket, horse racing, and car racing are the hot topics of this betting game. The bettors get a guide through which they can understand the procedure of betting and learn how to claim their bets if they win. The special feature of live sports betting enables the users to bet on the current ongoing games that are life telecasted on the television.
  • Real credit is involved: The bettors get to access real money and deposit real money for which it needs to be very secured and trustable. The loss costs so beware if you are afraid to lose before you win.
  • Web interface is easy to accept: the web interfaces that connect the players to their opposition bet-mate and let them know if they money they can pocket if they get to win the bet. And also the bettors get to increase or decrease the amount while the game is still on. However, you cannot prevent what luck decides. You win or you lose, but surely you will gain the experience of a good play.

Tour With Betcris

More to know

Betcris stands for bet costa Rica international sports. They established their offshore business in 1985 and were the first to be a part of this betting industry. Now they have been optimizing the products and ensuring the fairest game that the internet can provide concerning the sports. The group of professional bettors and guidelines are always on their best to help the amateur players. The industry of betting is one of the most classic industries in the game of luck. The sport-book ensures that the users are always satisfied with their service. The customer care that stands for all time have imprinted an impression of loyalty and trustworthiness.

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