Don’t bet on your favorite team

It’s pretty obvious why betting on your favorite team is a bad idea. Fans tend to overestimate the capabilities of the team they support. Loyalty and faith make team lovers think that the team will beat everyone – anytime, anywhere. And reality shows to be a realist, especially in bookmakers. Always Secondly, the pain of defeat increases when it is not enough that your team has lost; it is you and your online casino bet. You not only see how the team loses points, but also how you lose money. And even if you hold a reasonable coupon in your hand for the opposing team, you find yourself in a dull situation in which you cheer on your rivals. So betting on a match your favorite team is playing is always a bad idea.

Score casts are “bad.”

Score casts are very popular, although they represent some of the worst player options. Usually, such a bet is something like: We strongly advise you to avoid such bets – they are too insidious. Bookmakers usually call players who are on the wave of scoring goals, and that is why players misjudge the real chances of the next goals. As a result, online casino customers buy poor plants. The odds are low, and bookmakers keep a big margin for themselves, so they have a big advantage. The margins themselves may not be gigantic, but they are enough to make money – we only hope not yours.

It is better to focus on Asian handicaps and above / below markets. Bookmakers compete harder in this respect, and hence, there are better odds for the player. The same goes for classic bets on tournament winners.


A quick coupon is a bad coupon

Bookmakers often offer a quick coupon service, which is adorned with slogans like “We have an idea for your coupon” or “Make a quick bet and win quick cash.” The tool available on the site, therefore, sets bets for you based on the options selected by you: the number of bets on the coupon, the maximum stake, at what odds you want to play, and when. The system combs the entire offer and puts on the coupon what will match the description, and you only approve.

For everything holy, don’t approve.

Quick coupons contradict everything that your bookmaker should be based on. Bets will be totally random and ill-considered, from leagues and events of which you probably have no clue, so you will not be able to determine whether the types selected by the system make sense or not. So if you want to rely on the smile of fate, take a walk to the Lotto lottery and cross out the lucky numbers – the potential winnings will be greater, and the strategy will be just as effective.

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